The history of the aviation Museum

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The history of the aviation Museum

Aviation museum was a museum that was started back in the 1970s when a man by the name of Mark Johnson wanted to start a place where anybody could see all of the coolest  historical aviation memorabilia. He was a man that had a large land and a very large hangar where he stored all of his private planes. He had one big private jet, and a bunch of smaller private planes as well as a few helicopters that he stored in this giant hanger.   The hanger was about 45,000 ft.² so it had plenty of room for a lot of things. He thought one day, why don’t I just sell all my planes and buy a lot of historical planes that I can show off to people. So there he did go purchase a whole bunch of  World War II planes to start off the collection of aviation Museum. Once he gathered all of the World War II planes, he opened a World War II exhibit and officially had the grand opening of the aviation Museum.

After Mr. Johnson opened the original World War II exhibit in the museum, he started to add many more different exhibits from different time periods. He added the World War I collection, as well as the space collection.   After he added those, he went on to purchase many other different types of planes. He went and picked up some cold war planes as well as some Vietnam planes. This museum was very dedicated to planes I had to do with war. Mr. Johnson was involved in the  Vietnam War and served our country. He was very adamant about educating people on war.  He just wanted a place where he could teach people about the different warplanes because he himself was a pilot back in the Vietnam war. He served in the Air Force for 20 years and was very proud to do so. He had to give some of the credit for openIng  this museum to his friend Edoardo though. Edoardo was a general contractor who also served in the military with Mr. Johnson. Edwight it was still alive unlike Mr. Johnson who died about a decade ago in a car accident.   As co-owner of the old aviation Museum, Edwight it was a very big part of how it was so successful. He now owns a roofing company out in Sacramento California, and  would like it if you would support that page. You can find it at Roofing Sacramento CA.

This museum was truly a place where people could come and learn all about the history from aviation and the Air Force in the past wars. There was much history  on everything. You could literally walk through that museum and learn just about everything there was about aviation from each ward. There were very in-depth war records from Air Force pilots in the different eras. Everything about this museum was very fascinating  and that is why it’s legacy will still live on.

The space shuttles at the old aviation

In this article we are going to be talking about the spac shuttles that were at the old aviation Museum.  This museum had quite the selection of different planes and more vehicles, but they also had the most awesome space collection too. They had some of the originals from the old space days.  All of the space shuttles were replicas and not originals because you simply cannot get your hands on one of those in the sea were to steal it from the Smithsonian.

Although the spaceship said they had were replicas, they were still very amazing because each one had a very in-depth description that told the backstory of it. This attraction attracted a lot of different viewers from all over the world to the aviation Museum because it was one of the first aviation museums to ever have a space department. At the time it was only 105 in the  World which cost a lot of people to travel from all over to come see it. These museums are the only place that you could get any knowledge on the history of spacecraft. they had all of the different shuttles that you could possibly imagine, they had a replica of the original Moon Lander from 1969 when Lance Armstrong landed on the moon.  They also had every Apollo mission in the museum as well. And each one had it’s highlighted story so you could know what it was all about. This something that we thought was awesome when we were going up because kids are all about space and things like that.  The coolest attraction that was there was probably that Moon Lander. We were all absolutely fascinated over Lance Armstrong and that he actually got to walk on the moon. It was something that we could not even fathom someone doing. The thought of somebody leaving the earth was absolutely insane and we had thought that nobody could ever do that.

The museum even had a cold war Sr-72 blackbird plane. And that was something that was really amazing. That is not a rocket but it can fly up to the perimeters of the earth. It can fly up to over a 100,000 feet in the air which is incredibly dangerous for any plane to go and no other chick can fly as high. They used the jet in Vietnam and the cold war  to spy on enemy troops to see what was going on. It was a very top-secret plane that nobody knew about in till just recently. Somehow this museum was able to get their hands on an actual jet that was still in working condition. They actually had special tors of this one as well and if you got lucky and won the contest, then they would take you for a ride in one The way up to 150,000 feet in the air to look at the world. The reason that this plane flew so high in the air was so that enemy radars could not track it. Because they could not read that high in the air with the technology they had back in the day.

To wrap up everything,  this museum had a very awesome space and spice section and it was really something that gave a lot of entertainment to the aviation Museum.

We have to give some credit to the guys over at NASA for starting the space program and going to the moon so that’s our museum could have an exhibit like this!

The World War II planes

Today’s subject to talk about will be about the World War II planes that were in the old aviation Museum. These planes were quite amazing just like the World War I models. They had every single model a fighter plane from each country that was in World War II. This was very nice because you could get  chance to see what each country was using to fight in the war with. They had so many different amazing planes that told many different stories.  Each plane had the description and story and it’s uses on a plaque right in front of the plane. This plaque explained everything about the plane in precise detail see you could know exactly what they use a plane for.

There were planes from all different shapes and sizes. They had B-52 bomber’s all the way to little war says knows that were used in dogfights. By the way if you do not know what a dog fight is, it is a fight between many different small fighter planes in the air. Do use plain fights were very dangerous because  you had bullets flying at you from all different directions.

The museum gave many different guides  and walk-throughs of these planes. We even got to sit in them and look at all the gadgets that they had and gauges. It was something that was very cool looking at as kids. When you’re a kid you are fascinator airplanes like this because they are very old and vintage and kids think that stuff is very cool. The museum had a great way of showcasing  spleens by putting them all in a row together and sorting them by country. They made it very easy to find the model of plan that you’re looking for and the country that you were looking for. They had all the Russian planes together, all the American playing together, all the German planes together, and so forth.

If it was a very special day and one of the airplanes still ran, then the tour guides would take the planes out for a test run. The aviation Museum was in a hanger on an old airport so they had their own runway to fly these planes off of. There was a day when we got to fly in a couple of these ourselves and that was an absolutely amazing experience that we will never forget!  The World War II planes were another awesome attraction that brought forth a lot of tourists to that museum. It was an attraction that a lot of people like to see because people are into planes like that. The planes that were in World War II were very unique in the materials that were made of and many other things. They were very futuristic planes for their time considering that about 20 years before  The technology on the plains was not very high tech. Planes were made of cheap aluminum that could break and sometimes wings that weren’t even metal. Those planes were very sketchy to operate and these new World War II models were sleek and professional looking. They also looked extremely fast!

These planes got us a lot of great memories and we will never forget what this museum had to offer.

The old World War I planes


Perhaps the best attraction we ever remember from the old air museum is the World War I planes. These Pleans have so much history to them and that makes them really stand out. Whenever we went to go visit the old aviation Museum, that is the exhibit that we always went to first. As kids we were all  fascinated by these old biplanes. They were so simple yet so elegant and amazing. We find it crazy that they had these types of planes in such good condition. Given, they did restore quite a few of these but it is amazing that they were even able to find cleans like this to put in their museum.   They had this one clean called the striker one V1 and it was supposed to leave the fastest warplane around. It was heard that someone war fighters even uses playing against the red Baron back during the war. We are not sure if this is a true fact but it is awesome nonetheless.

The history that the World War I planes brought to this  museum was tremendous. Dave brought so much culture and historical events that could be talked about. The World War I plane collection was probably the main attraction of the whole air museum. People were absolutely fascinated over these types of planes because at this museum is one of the only places on the world  you could see planes like this. You couldn’t find mint condition World War I fighter planes anywhere else. They even had some of the US PS mail servers planes that were in commission shortly after World War I. These were planes that were left over from the war and they used to transport mail across the United States. A little fun  fact is that they called the pallets of these planes the suicide squad because they were flying out in the middle of the night with no radar, no lights or anything else.

When we were kids we used to climb in these planes and pretend we were flying them. It was something that will bring light to our minds forever more. It is so sad that the aviation Museum is not around anymore because these planes really brought it to life.

A lot of the planes they had were American planes, but they had some German ones as well. The Chermine biplanes with the coolest because those ones were extremely fast and they had a furious and mean look to them as well.  If you were lucky enough the guides in the museum would even take the planes out for a test fly and put you in the passenger seat. We got to do that once and we were kids and it was the most amazing experience that we ever had. Just the sheer velocity of these planes and the fact that there is nothing covering you and do you feel  The full GeForce when you turn and everything.  These planes gave us memories that we will never forget and we have to think the old air museum for that.

Also we have to give a special shout out to for bringing innovation to flight over the past 100 years.

On top of that, here is a video that we would like to share that is all about World War I fighter planes.

Tribute to the old aviation museum

This is a tribute blog to the old aviation museum that once was open to the public to view the awesome airplanes in the massive  45,000 square-foot hanger.  The old air museum was truly a sight for sore eyes, because it had amazing airplanes you have ever seen in your life. You could compare this to the Mcminnville aviation Museum out in Oregon because it had some of the most historical warplanes and commercial planes in existence. it had some very rare World War I originals that there were only one in the world of.

In this blog we are just going to be putting up posts that reflect on the great memories that’s the old air museum had to offer. We will be talking about some of the different planes and attractions that were inside the museum as well. We will also serve as a blog for general information on aviation as well. In that case we will provide photo posts  on how to fly planes, the importance of air travel, and many other topics that we are sure you will love to hear about.

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